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Our Books

"This is a lovely little book filled with positive reflections and advice. The references to Hispanic culture provide some added spice!"


United States

"What a wonderful poem! If there were a guidebook for self-care, this would be it. It’s poignant reminders resonate with adult women (and their inner child). I will definitely use this when I know I need to take a step back for self-care."

Marissa T

United States

"This poem was originally given to me in handwritten form with a CD recording. It immediately sparked joy, creativity and a longing to reconnect with the goddess of fun, adventure and laughter. I'm grateful to have had a part in making it available for all of you. Play out each line and while doing so, don't forget to laugh a lot." 

Adrienne Arellano

United States

Raving Reviews

"I love this book! I've always loved laughing but somehow, I just stopped. Every day, for the last few years, I would put on a fake laugh to keep my family happy. But somehow Darlene's advice to her daughters helps me to be a captain of my own ship. This book is perfect for me because it's reminding me how to laugh again and helping me find the humor in everyday situations."

James R. Strode

Author & Poet

"This 'mother day gift' is perfect for those who know they should laugh more and want to try and do it more often. It's a great guidebook for remembering to be happy in tough times. I'm one of those people who 'forgets' to laugh, even when I'm trying. This has been really helpful for me!"

Patti Hughes


"And Don't Forget to laugh a lot is a great book. These are the lessons from a mom, who also happens to be a single child of her parents. With her perspective of rejoicing daily experiences, one knows how to appreciate little moments. I've recommended this book to everyone in my life so they know the importance of necessary emotional hygiene."

Rose Curiel

Author and Social Media Influencer