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Meet Darlene Arias

Darlene Arias is a mother of five, a grandmother of several, and a great-grandmother of many! Aside from heartfelt "mothering," she has dedicated her life to squeezing in as many adventures as possible. Some of those include launching an insurance company from scratch alongside her former husband, teaching 7th grade New Mexico history for 14 years, co-founding New Mexico's first charter middle school, and being an active participant on some of her son's ventures!  

Darlene has a passion for traveling. She has visited over 16 countries and feels blessed having had the privilege of accompanying her husband John during his tenures in Peru and Chile. She currently is the owner and Qualifying Broker of Arias Links Realty where she enjoys working alongside her two daughters. She loves to fish New Mexico streams, hike out of the way trails, dance the night away, and write whatever comes to her mind into the wee hours of the night.

Darlene believes in magic, dreams that come true, and endless possibilities. She is dedicating the next chapter in her life to seminars in celebration of women and life, writing books and poetry, spontaneous whims of all sorts, and mostly hugging all those grandbabies a whole bunch!

Darlene is the Author of ...AND DON'T FORGET TO LAUGH A LOT!

Darlene is the owner and Qualifying Broker of Arias Links Realty. Visit her at www.ariaslinksrealty.com.